Carry on The Courtyard

Unprecedented times indeed – on the volunteer front, The Courtyard Shop was immediately impacted, as many of our regular faces behind the till had to self-isolate but we had a fantastic response from villagers who found themselves working from home or unable to go to college/university and who were happy to help out and fill the gaps, thus enabling us to keep the shop open, albeit for mornings only.

Vonnie has done sterling work in ensuring we kept you supplied with pasta, bread flour, YEAST, tinned tomatoes and loo rolls, when other shops struggled to find stockists, as well as manning the post office. Vegetables have come in fresh every day and our bread supplier was delighted  to increase the delivery  to us to make up for the lack of restaurant business.  Our weekly wine order has more than doubled since pre-lockdown days – clearly Ropley residents are enjoying the odd tipple during their Zoom socialising!!

Our new delivery service has really taken off. Every afternoon, 16 volunteers concentrated on deliveries to our self-isolating customers.  Over 200 deliveries have been made since 30th March and the team has also ensured that the shop shelves have been restocked as far as possible for the next morning.  Alas, it has not always been plain sailing; frozen food has been left in the freezer rather than being delivered (hopefully the items were not expected for supper that night); orders have been misinterpreted (2 “bakers” were translated as Bakers dog food, not baking potatoes – a household of very happy dogs!).

Comments received have included:

Better stock than Tesco…………..

We really appreciate the deliveries…………..

Our assisted shopping at The Courtyard has been a Godsend in lockdown.

We are delighted that since mid-June we have been able to open the shop again until 5pm (please note the post office will still close at 1.00pm on weekdays).  Our current volunteers can cover the opening hours until the end of the summer – after that, who knows how/if the working from home arrangements may change.  PLEASE, if you have any spare time on a regular (weekly/fortnightly) basis, do consider offering help in the shop – it has proved its worth as an invaluable resource to the village during these extraordinary times but we need help to make sure we can continue to be there for you. Just ask in the shop or contact Sue Brown tel. 773435 email

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August Bank Holiday Monday 31st August shop open 8.30 am – 1 pm (post office closed).

Hilary Lloyd