Do you long to grow your own vegetables?

Are you lacking in space in your own garden?

Would you like a space that could be developed and meets your needs but also provides our children with an exciting and engaging learning and well-being environment?

At Ropley CofE Primary School we have a fantastic garden space at the front of our school.  Over the years we have used this space for the children to learn about nature and watch things grow.  Sadly, we no longer have the staff to be able to look after the garden.

We are considering an ‘Adopt an Allotment’ offer to the Ropley Community.  This could mean one (or two) families in the area could take on the garden to grow their own crops.  We would offer you the area free of charge to cultivate and maintain.  In return, we would continue to respectfully use the space during the school day as a learning and well-being environment.  This is a ‘seed’ of an idea and would need fine tuning according to individual requirements.

Are you interested? 

Please give us a call on 01962 772381 to discuss it further with Miss Vittle. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

Maria Burr
Office Manager
Ropley Primary School