Parish Council News – April 2020

Hello everyone and welcome to the Parish Council post on the MyRopley website. With BMRT not being published right now, this is where PC news will happen for the time being. With the country in total lockdown, schools and most businesses closed and the Parish Council not meeting in any way except through e mail threads, there is obviously not a lot to report.
As you all know by now, the shop is functioning pretty much as normal except that it is closing at 13.00hrs in order to do home deliveries, restock the shelves and clean. Vonnie Archer and Nicky Cambrooke deserve huge congratulations for undertaking a cracking job in very difficult circumstances.
Otherwise and as you may have noticed, the Multi Use Games Area or MUGA as our playground is known, is closed until further notice.
Also, the Parish Council’s Annual General Meeting and Annual Parish Assembly which were due to be held on Tuesday 5th May, have been cancelled until further notice.
And finally, it has been very windy recently and there are trees, branches and twigs everywhere but I am trying to get it cleared. If anyone to do with the Vesty’s reads this post then PLEASE clear the tree on Webb Lane.

Best wishes

Edward Brandt
Ropley Parish Council