Ropley 2020 Christmas Card Collection / Delivery

In these strange times it is impossible to tell whether Social Distancing rules/guidelines in December will allow the Christmas Card service to take place this year or not. There is no way that sorting cards in the Coffee Rooms (or even the Parish Hall) can be achieved with any degree of social distancing!

However, given that guidelines can change at any time I feel that, at the very least, planning should proceed for it to happen with a last-minute decision taken nearer the time.

Should the exchange of cards in the Parish take place, the collection and sorting of cards will take place on Saturday 14th December.

I have lots of contact details for those of you who have helped with this in the past but it would be much better for you to let me know if you are willing to help again this year (and easier for me!).

SO, if you are able to help with this years Christmas Card collection and delivery service, please let me know by sending me an email to –

Thank you

Alan Parsonson