School Recycling Bin

We are delighted that our new textiles recycling bin has now arrived and is situated on the wall next to the main entrance. Please ensure your bags are securely tied at the top before depositing them.  It can take:

  • Men’s, Women’s and Children’s clothing
  • Paired shoes
  • Handbags, bags, ties and belts
  • Bed clothes, towels, soft toys

Please do not include any old school uniform/corporate logo’d or any bedding (Quilts or Pillows).  Items should be clean and in good condition so they can be sold on.

We will earn 20p per kilo for the school and collections will be made fortnightly. 

This is an exciting and easy way for us to raise money throughout the year and will be more convenient for you all than Bag2School.  All that we ask is that you don’t drive into school to drop off bags and if the bin is full you don’t leave bags alongside it.

If the front gate is open, then the bin is accessible and we are more than happy for anyone in the locality to make use of the bin.  Your support with our Bag2School collections over the past years has been invaluable to our fund raising and we hope that the installation of our new bin will make it much easier and more convenient for us all!

Maria Burr
Office Manager
Ropley Primary School