The PCC received a request through the Ropley History Group for members of that group to carry out a photographic survey of the gravestones within Ropley Churchyard and for the results to be available online. Approval was given for this survey and for the work to start early in 2020. This will provide an excellent historic record for generations to come.

The PCC recognise that this is an extremely sensitive issue and wish to make it known that anyone who does not wish the memorial of any family member to be included in the survey should make their wishes known to either of the Churchwardens, Norma Day, Sarah Earthy or Eileen Adkins , and their requests will be noted and honoured.

Also if there are families who are happy to have the gravestones listed but not photographed please contact the Churchwardens or Eileen.

There will be further details in the next issue of BisMonRopTis, but if you have any concerns please do contact the Churchwardens.

Norma Day