Thank You Ropley

Dear All,

Hopefully many of the freedoms that we have always taken for granted will have been restored by the time you read this letter.
My purpose in writing is to thank those very many people in Ropley who have supported the Courtyard Shop – in so many and varied ways – since the side-effects of the measures to combat the virus became clear. We have always recognised the great contributions to village life made by our highly visible front-line team in the shop led by Vonnie, and supported so ably by the many regular volunteers.

However, we have been overwhelmed in recent weeks by the generosity of spirit of the many additional volunteers who came forward to help, by the orders placed by our customers who were unable to visit the shop and – not least – by their forbearance when deliveries were perhaps not exactly as they had hoped (!), – by the bravery of the delivery team who ventured down lanes they never knew existed, and – in the most general terms – by the unfailing stamina, flexibility, resilience and sense of humour which sustained all those queuing to enter the shop – and carried the whole team effort as everyone involved “got stuck in”. New friendships have no doubt been forged in all areas – and there were even reports of some in the queue outside the shop being so engrossed in catching up on the latest news that they failed to notice that their turn had come – and they had to be encouraged to move forward !

But above all we applaud our customers – both new and our long-term faithful – because without you all the foregoing would count for naught.

There may be some who think that the all this “goes without saying” – but I believe these things are important to say, and I hope very much that recognition of the very tangible benefits of so many pulling together will continue to remind us that Ropley is a great village – especially when the chips are down and our backs are to the wall. Thanks to these combined efforts The Courtyard will continue to be there for us all, and is now open again for full days on weekdays.
With thanks to everybody – whatever your involvement – from all at The Courtyard,

Alec Nicholson
Chairman, Ropley Village Shop Community Interest Company