The Parish Council

“The parish council is a corporate body, acting in its own name which undertakes the powers, functions and responsibilities conferred on it by statute, these include the authority to raise money through taxation (the precept)”

Ropley Parish Council has nine councillors and part of their remit is to:-

  • influence and shape the long term development policy for the parish, and as part of the planning process, comment on planning applications in the parish
  • aim to improve the quality of life and the environment in their local area
  • work to identify issues which are important to the lives of the residents they represent
  • work to bring about improvements through local projects, lobbying other service providers and working in partnership with other parishes and agencies

Ropley Parish Council generally meets on the first Tuesday of every month at 7.30 p.m. at the Parish Hall (small hall) and parishioners are welcome to attend any meetings.

The agenda for the upcoming meeting will be published once available.

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