Improving Ropley Footpaths

Ropley Parish Council is keen to improve access to the local footpath network in Ropley by replacing some stiles with kissing gates.

The aims of the project are to:

  • Improve access to footpaths that provide safe walking links between the village centre and outlying clusters of housing in Ropley (for example, Soames Lane, Ropley Dean, Gilbert Street) described as ‘priority routes’
  • Improve access to circular walks, providing a positive impact on physical and mental health.

Read the latest update on the Ropley Footpath Improvement project here:

Improving Ropley Footpaths Progress report January 2024 final

Rights of way

We are fortunate to have wonderful walks on our doorstep, with many paths crossing private land.
The rights of way are marked on the Definitive map. If you stray from a right of way onto land with no other rights of public access, you are committing a trespass against the landowner.
Find out more about rights of way including a more detailed version of the definitive map.

Ropley walks

Ropley Society has published a book of walks which you can buy at the Ropley Courtyard Shop. OS Explorer map OL32 is also helpful for planning local walks.

Landowners’ guide to rights of way

Hampshire County Council provides guidance to landowners who own land crossed by a right of way.
Landowners have a duty to:
• ensure that paths are free from obstructions and misleading signs
• ensure stiles and gates are in good condition
• clear vegetation growing from the side or above.

Gates and stiles

Hampshire County Council states:
‘’Whenever possible existing stiles should be replaced with a gap or gate.’’

‘‘It is a criminal offence to install new stiles or gates without our permission. We no longer authorise new stiles as they make paths hard to use for those who have mobility difficulties, pushchairs or wheelchairs. New gates will only be authorised to prevent livestock straying.’’

Keeping footpaths clear through fields

Landowners and tenants have a responsibility to keep rights of way clear and safe for users. Vegetation growing in from the side or overhanging a path must be cut back so the path is clear.

More information about the minimum widths for paths in fields, and the responsibility of landowners to reinstate paths after ploughing can be found in the leaflet published by Hampshire County Council  2023-07-20 15-40

How to report a problem with a right of way

Contact the Parish Council Clerk to see if the problem can be resolved locally.

Alternatively you can report a problem to Hampshire County Council.

Last updated July 2023