Community Care

The Organisers are very grateful to all the new drivers who volunteered over the recent months to collect prescriptions for those unable to do so for themselves.  Their help has been much appreciated.

Community Care is a service providing transport to doctor’s, hospital or other healthcare appointments to those in the BisMonRopTis area who have no other way (such as family or friends) of getting to their appointments.  This service is without charge, but it relies on donations from its passengers to help towards the petrol costs of the volunteer drivers.  Drivers carry a donation box or tin (all donations are handed to The Treasurer with details of the journey), and drivers have a card with suggested donations for those passengers who want guidance on what contribution to make.

Now that health appointments are starting again, it would be very helpful if some of the recent volunteers would consider joining the list of regular drivers, to help spread the load.  More help is urgently needed, as the majority of our volunteers are (well) over the age of 70!

If you think you could help, please telephone Trisha Carr on 772216.

Humphrey Carr