Some of you may have spotted the sheds have arrived and by the time you will have read this, they will be in use. Life will be much easier for the wonderful people who keep the 2.3 acres of churchyard tidy and a  huge thank you to those who have patiently housed the Church lawnmowers for a considerable amount of time. You can now have your sheds and garages back! This has only been made possible by the gift from an anonymous donor and the people who have given their time and skill in erecting the sheds.

We shall plant new hedging to screen the sheds and service cabinets together with carefully selected trees that will encourage wildlife. Snowdrops planted last year on the grass banks on the north end have made a modest showing, but those by the lower gate in Church Lane are magnificent this year. Our aim is to manage the grassland, maintaining a balance between access to loved ones’ graves and providing habitat for wildlife within the churchyard.

If you have a couple of hours spare and would like to join us in keeping our wonderful churchyard tidy, (together with coffee and cake) we would love to hear from you.
Please contact Quentin. Email: or the Wardens, details on back page of BisMonRopTis.

Barbara Pettegree

By editor