Applications are now open for the next round of funding to provide farmers, landowners and communities with free trees to help with nature recovery and to continue with disease resistant elm trials across Hampshire. Please see detail below and if you are interested, reply to say which scheme/s and we will send you further detail and an application form.

Shoots Along the Routes – this scheme offers free hedge whips and small trees to farmers and communities that own or manage land within a 2km wide zone spanning over 630km of roads across the county. We can fund new hedges, improvement of existing hedges, linear woodlands, new woodlands up to 2ha, tree clusters, avenues etc. It’s a simple application process and if successful you would need to collect the trees from our chosen nursery. The Scheme is aimed at improving connectivity for wildlife and we hope that by encouraging the planting of trees and hedges along corridors, it will have a beneficial impact on a number of species that have increasingly become fragmented, including the dormouse.  The A31 is one of the eligible routes.  In exceptional cases, we may be able to fund outside of these areas if there are significant benefits to biodiversity or connecting habitats. We are also keen to plant in riparian zones (where appropriate), so if your land is adjacent to rivers, we are keen to hear from you.

Disease Resistant Elm Trials – Our popular disease resistant elm project is now open again for applications for planting this winter. Trees will be available from Jan 2025, they get allocated fast, so please submit your applications as soon as possible to secure your trees for this year. We will be supplying a variety of hybrid elms and we will require detail of where you will be planting these so that they can be monitored in future years for resistance to Dutch elm disease and beneficial impacts on the white-letter hairstreak butterfly.  The trees are between 1.5m and 2.75m tall. 

Community Orchards – We can fund expansion of existing orchards or new orchards – all trees, stakes and protection are fully funded, including information boards. Communities must be involved and able to plant, maintain and provide aftercare/watering in the first few years.

Linking Leaves – Funding for community groups, schools, charities and parish and town councils for planting hedges and trees in their green spaces.

Mini forests – funding to create tennis court sized little forests. They grow faster, are good for biodiversity and provide excellent ways to engage children and local communities. We can fully fund these and help you with installation. Must be led by communities as they will need to plant the trees and provide aftercare for the first few years.

We can also supply free guards and stakes for your project.


If you would to apply, please state which scheme/s you are interested in and email We will send you our application form which asks for further detail on planting locations and how many trees you’d like. Both schemes are judged on merit and are on a first come first served basis and we have a limited supply, so please don’t delay!

Catherine Mitchell
Ropley Partish Council

By editor