The weather in February was thankfully not as bad as expected, and the Highways team are now back to business as usual. We are grateful to all Parish Councils and to the community for their patience and understanding during a challenging period for Hampshire Highways caused by severe weather.

A lot of work is currently underway at HCC to expand the Community Funded Highways Initiative (CFHI) scheme in order to give Parish and Town Councils more opportunity to introduce traffic-calming features. We hope that this will include a route to 20mph speed limits where appropriate.

The Transport and Environment Select Committee Review into 20mph considered feedback from a variety of experts and consulted widely. I am grateful to all Parish Councils from Petersfield Hangers that took part in the consultation.

The outcomes of the 20mph Review are summarised in this report:

More details of the implementation of the new CFHI system will be shared with you in the Summer.


County Councillor for Petersfield Hangers

By paulE