Ropley Parish Council has set aside funds to improve access to local footpaths and is keen to hear the views of parishioners. Do you have a favourite walk which you now find difficult? Would replacing a stile with a gate make it easier? Are there paths which are impassable because they are overgrown?

The lengthsman has cut back the overgrown path next to the pond, making it much easier to walk on St Swithun’s Way across to Old Down Wood. The Parish Council also paid for repairs to the gate and fence on the footpath in the churchyard leading onto Dunsells Lane, making the exit onto the road safer.

Thank you to the parishioners who have contacted the Parish Council over the last few months about overgrown footpaths, fallen trees and broken stiles, and thank you to local landowners for responding and improving access so quickly.

If you have ideas about how we can improve the footpaths in Ropley, please contact Catherine Mitchell

Catherine Mitchell
Ropley Parish Council
Footpath network & comms lead

By paulE