We’ve been working with the Alton Climate Action Network (ACAN) to set up Terracycle points across Alton.

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Terracycle helps to find ways to recycle the odd types of packaging and products that aren’t recyclable through kerbside services. Organisations sponsor Terracycle to recycle their wrappers.

ACAN has been working hard to improve recycling opportunities in Alton. Supported by EHDC, volunteers have set up a collection point in town at ACAN’s Eco Cafe, assisted by the library and the Resurrection Furniture shop .

At these points, residents can recycle all bread bags sponsored by Warburtons, biscuit wrappers sponsored by Pladis biscuits and Pringles tubes, to avoid these going into your ordinary waste to be burned for power.  Please only leave these items, volunteers are not able to deal with mixed waste.

The Eco Café hosts a display, where the community can learn about reducing waste and circular economy. It is open to learn more about recycling, reducing waste, nature, solar panels, transport, and food. Open Thursday and Saturday, for more informaon, visit Alton Climate Action Network’s (ACAN) website for more information

Volunteers are welcome, contact altonclimatenetwork@gmail.com for more information.

Find a Terracycle point near you

For more information about ACAN, please visit: altonclimatenetwork.org.uk

This is part of our climate and environment plan for East Hampshire.

Find out more about our work towards carbon neutral.


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