Following another successful exercise last December the preparations for this year’s Ropley Christmas Card collection and delivery service are in motion.

This year the moneys raised will be donated to the Pram Race Committee as they have experienced a significant jump in the costs of organising this treasured Parish event, in particular, the cost of insurance. It is anticipated that the money raised will be more than adequate to meet these extra costs and, it has been agreed with the Committee that any residual money they have from this donation will be shared equally amongst those Parish based charities who have a stall at the Pram Race.

This year the collection of cards will take place on Saturday 16th December. You will get a reminder a week before the collection and cards will be collected from 9.00 a.m. on Saturday 16th December and the sorting will take place in St Peter’s Church.

As always, if you have not helped before and would like to get involved this year, please let me know and I will explain the process to you.

Alan Parsonson

By editor