Ropley History Network and Archive – Update

Many thanks to everyone who came along and supported this new venture at the Coffee Rooms on June 8th and 12th.

Over 40 people came to the 2 sessions, most were really enthusiastic about the idea of setting up a local History  for Ropley covering the Parish and the surrounding area.

Many people brought with them work and investigations in an area of interest that they had already been doing.  For example – work on the old houses and roads in the village and others brought along ideas for potential projects.

History Project Network     Already we have a list of 9 potential project areas which villagers are working on.

  1. Digitising the existing archive
    – Reviewing the existing archive and deciding what is suitable for archiving and what should be stored as physical artefacts.
    – Liaising with Hampshire Records Office over what, if any, material they will take plus advice on best way of storing items.
    – Working on digitising documents from the archive.
    – A really good learning opportunity for someone new to archiving.
  1. Investigating the Gravestones in the churchyard
  2. Pond Cottages and the History of the medieval centre of the village
  3. The History of the Railway and Canal
  4. Kitwood and Hawthorn Road
  5. Stapley Lane and Parkstone Road
  6. History of Church Cottages
  7. History of Monkwood  –  Prior to and during its development as an agricultural settlement post WWI.
  8. The Farming heritage in Ropley and the local area-Investigation of the evolution of farms and farming in the parish and the surrounding area.

If you would like to get involved with one (or more) of these please let us know by sending an email to and we will put you in touch with the project lead for that area.

Digital Archive Website  – Currently the Steering group is investigating the presentation of the digital archive platform and the funding opportunities.  Hopefully, by the end of the year,  these decisions will be finalised and can move forward with providing a fantastic history and archive website.

Many thanks again for all your support

Caroline Ludgate for The Ropley History Network and Archive Steering Group