Ropley Parish Council Update

July and August have been easier months for most Parishioners as the Lockdown was partially lifted and the village was gradually able to move on to a “new normality”.
Having said that, it is now mandatory to wear a face covering in the Courtyard Shop and most people are respectful of the ongoing social distancing measures.
The bus stop operators have suggested new rules covering how they might manage passengers waiting for a service and these can be found at The village hall, coffee room and other public places continue to remain closed but risk assessments are underway to evaluate their future use.
Inevitably many people have been away for much of August, a release from the “imprisonment” of lockdown no doubt and, not surprisingly, everyone is fervently hoping that the school reopens completely next month. I understand that this is almost guaranteed although it will come with strict rules on parental comings and goings.
Edward Brandt
Ropley Parish Council