Once Upon a Time… 1938 actually, Ropley Parish Hall was granted to the Parish Council by Sir James Allan Horne, resident of Ropley Manor.

It has always been run by a Management Committee but our numbers are dwindling as the various clubs and organisations that sent representatives in the past, have either moved to their own building or no longer exist, and it has been some years since any Parish Representatives have come forward.

The Committee meets every other month to oversee the running of the Hall, to ensure that costs are covered, maintenance is undertaken when required and to update the Hall when funds allow.  The more members we have to cover these tasks, the less onerous it is for any one person.

We have come a long way since the opening of the original building in 1938 and we continue to modernise and make improvements for the benefit of the Village and those that wish to use the Hall, but if this is to continue we need new members to carry this forward. We are already functioning without a Committee Secretary, and other officers are looking to retire within the next year.

If you think that the Parish Hall is a village asset, please consider whether you have something you can contribute – expertise or time and a desire to help.  We would be very pleased to welcome you.  Our AGM is in May and it would be encouraging to see some interest.

Thank you for reading this.

Debbie Raynham (on behalf of Ropley Parish Hall Management Committee)

By paulE