Free trees to create green networks along Hampshire roads

Do you live within one kilometre of the A31 in Ropley?  Are you interested in planting trees on your land? If so, read on!

Hampshire County Council has a target to plant one million trees by 2050 as part of its climate change and nature recovery plans. The Hampshire Forest Partnership has been set up by the County Council to deliver this aim.

The Hampshire Forest Partnership has set up a new project called ‘Shoots Along the Routes.’  Landowners and communities can apply for free trees to create over 630 kilometres of new green networks across the county. The networks will follow the routes of several A and B-roads across Hampshire and the scheme will support eligible tree planting schemes within a 2km wide corridor along the routes to boost nature recovery.

How do I know if I live within one kilometre of the A31?

Look at this map

How can I find out more?

How do I apply?

Email  for advice on what to plant and how to apply for funding.

Catherine Mitchell
Ropley Parish Council

By editor