Should Ropley be included within the South Downs National Park?

The first National Parks were established following a 1949 act of Parliament. As part of the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of that act, the government has launched a review of all National Parks and Areas of Outstanding National Beauty (AONBs). Further details of the review can be found here

The scope of the review is quite large and includes options to refine National Park boundaries. As many of you will remember Ropley parish lobbied unsuccessfully to be included within the South Downs National Park (SDNP) at its inception in 2010, and the Parish Council are interested in feedback from the parish on whether they should lobby to have Ropley included within the SDNP as part of the current review. In order to justify inclusion we will need to demonstrate that our parish demonstrates similar geographic, environmental and ecological features to the adjoining areas of the park, and much of the work done as part of the Neighbourhood Plan preparation supports this.

In considering your views it is important to understand both sides of the argument. For example, becoming part of the park would provide additional protections against development, particularly larger developments, however gaining approval for improvements to existing dwellings might be more restrictive.

The review is currently calling for evidence which has to be submitted by 18th December 2018, so time is quite short. The Parish Council would like to understand parishioners views to inform their decision, and would ask that people respond as soon as possible with a brief email giving their preference and reasoning behind it. Please send your response to

Should you wish to submit a further, personal, response to the government review you can do so using the DEFRA review portal by following this link:

Becky French
Clerk to Ropley Parish Council