St Peter’s Church Roof


As part of our fundraising efforts for the rebuilding of our village church, St Peter’s, we are offering everyone the chance to sign an individually numbered tile which will form part of the new church roof for a donation of £10 per tile.

There will be a written and photographic record of all the signed tiles which will form part of the Historical Records of the Church to be accessed and enjoyed for generations to come.

We hope that this project will have a far reaching appeal to not only those who live in the Village now but to those who have past links with Ropley and the Church and provide the opportunity to celebrate special anniversaries, birthdays weddings, baptisms, births, exam results, graduations, passing a driving test or just to remember people.

We want everyone to be part of our wonderful new church building and we hope that you will agree that this is a very exciting way to ensure that this happens. Please spread the news of this project as far and wide as you can, we promise that there will be enough tiles for everyone! We are planning to set up a system where the signing can be done digitally for those who are too far away for us to visit or for them to come to us. We can cover the world!

Please contact either of the Churchwardens, Norma Day, or Sarah Earthy, who, along with Andy Bonner are taking responsibility for this fundraising project and we will arrange for you to sign the tile.

We really do look forward to hearing from you.

Norma Day and Sarah Earthy