As I write this update the Coronavirus lockdown is in full swing, so everything is quieter than normal , despite it being a lovely sunny Easter. Hopefully by the time BisMonRoptis is delivered we will be taking a step back albeit slowly, to normality.

I think we seem to have a wonderful spirit in looking out for our senior residents, who maybe are struggling with food supplies and a little loneliness. Several people have volunteered to assist and I think all are being looked after and have a contact if need be. However, if anybody does need help they are welcome to contact me. 

There are also some more formal assistance helplines:- 

Hampshire Community Officer 01730 234184.

Frail or Vulnerable helpline 03333 704000 or register yourself www.gov.uk/coronavirus-extremely-vulnerable or 08000288327. 

On planning matters, at the time of writing Merryfield Farm has an application to remove the restriction of 6 months on their tower to 24 months and Woodside Farm has an application for lawful existing use for 20 odd residential caravans and mobile homes on their previous Summer campsite. Also Manor Farm have updated me on their intention to convert and rent out the old cow sheds immediately by the road at the old dairy, to horse stabling, whilst the shed block directly behind maybe will become a horse vets centre. 

Finally with May fast approaching I cannot see we will be in a position to hold our Annual Parish Meeting, so this at the moment is on hold. Hopefully we will be able to re-arrange it later in the year, but in the interim if anybody has pressing matters please let me know. 

Mike Bottrill
12th April