For our second #Binfluencer video, we’ve gone properly back to basics, covering what to do with your bins.

Find out what can (and can’t) go in your bins

The main thing people who are new to the district find confusing is that our green bins are used for refuse and our black bins are for recycling.

EHDC was one of the first councils to introduce wheeled bins for refuse (before household recycling was a thing). As green went with our logo and was less conspicuous in our rural environment, we chose green bins.

Another thing that may be different from other areas you may have lived is that glass doesn’t go in with your recycling. It’s collected separately every four weeks in your glass box or can be taken to a local bottle bank. Find out more about glass recycling on our website.

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You can find out what can (and can’t) go in your bins on our website.

You can also find your bin calendar there.

Becky French
Clerk, Ropley Parish Council

By editor