In the 2019 Ropley Neighbourhood Plan an area of land adjacent to Hale Close was identified and allocated to the development of residential properties. In association with the allocation of this land for housing development, an area approximately 0.6 hectares adjacent to Dunsells Lane is allocated for community uses. 

The Parish Council anticipates that a planning application for this site will shortly be presented to East Hampshire District Council for approval. As a result the Parish Council is now seeking comment on the potential use of the land allocated for community use.

Suggestions so far include a community orchard or allotments. The Parish Council’s view at its January meeting was strongly in favour of a community orchard.

Your views are now sought either in support of a community orchard or an alternative solution which you should specify.

The Parish Council will discuss this and public responses at its next meeting on 6th February at 7.30 pm in the parish hall.

Please email your views to the Parish Council Clerk

By editor