Your Parish Councillors

Your Local Parish Councillors:

Image Name Date Appointed Responsibilities
Charles Louisson  Elected May 2017  EHDC councillor for Ropley & Tisted Ward
George George Brown
Elected May 2019 Chairman, Finance, Planning & Ropley Fund
Derrick Speed Elected May 2019 Highways
Drew Drew Fielden
Elected May 2019 Recreation Ground, Communications & Sports Club
Tim Tim Day Elected May 2019 Footpaths, Parish Hall
Edward Brandt Elected May 2019 tba
Jenny Jenny Nops
Elected May 2019 Planning lead, Friends of St Peters & Ropley Fund
Simon Perkins

Giles Stogdon

Jeff Soul

May 2015

Elected May 2019

Elected May 2019

Planning & Neighbourhood Plan

Recreation Ground & Sports Club

Finance & planning

Clerk to the Parish Council- Becky French Please copy all correspondence to the Clerk.

The clerk is the chief officer and responsibilities include advising the council and administration of the council’s affairs. The clerk is an independent and objective officer who takes instructions from the council as the corporate body and not from individual councillors. The RFO has specific duties relating to the budget, the accounts and financial management of the council.