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Notice of Winchester Road /A31 closure for resurfacing

As previously advised, the A31 will be closed between 8pm and 6am from
Monday 17th October to Friday 21st October for resurfacing work.
The work starts on Monday to the West of Bighton Hill and Berry Hill and so these two roads will be accessible at all times from the East. The resurfacing then progresses to the West ending outside the Shell garage hopefully on Friday 21st.
Thus access to the Petersfield Road will be available from the West early in the week and thereafter with the authority of a works supervisor if possible.
Access between 8pm and 6am for those living in the A31 works area will be granted by a works supervisor if possible and should normally be available. But residents are advised to limit travel during the road closed times if feasible.
However bear in mind the statement in the Council letter  that “unfortunately, for your safety and that of our workforce, the contractors are not always able to guarantee vehicular access to and from your property during working hours.
Pedestrian access will always be available.”
Diversion routes will be advertised when the road is closed and will involve the A272 and the A32.
Access to the Petersfield Road will of course be available via local roads bypassing the A31 works area.

Information supplied by Keith Monkhouse

Volunteers wanted for the 2016 Ropley Christmas Card Collection/Delivery

If you want to help this year you will need to be able to commit to a couple of hours on the weekend of the 3rd/4th December, a couple of hours on 10th December. click here for more details.

Search for our New Vicar

The post has been advertised and we are now awaiting applications. September will be an important month for our Benefice as shortlisting is at the beginning of the month and interviews will be at the end of the month. We are all looking forward to this new phase, not only for the Church communities but for our villages as a whole, as the Vicar is far more than just a Church figure, he or she is a central part of village life. We will keep everyone updated through the church services, websites, magazine and word of mouth. In the meantime we would ask you to remember everyone who is involved in this important decision and also those who feel that they are called to take up this exciting and challenging role as our Benefice Priest.

Norma Day

Ropley Dramatic Society is pleased to announce its Autumn Production

Jan Bennett

Village Agent wanted

I am sadly leaving Ropley soon and would love for someone to take over this role from me in order that there is a continued support link in place for the older people in our Village. More details here. Linda Pitman

Ropley Neighbourhood Plan – September Update

The Neighbourhood Plan working group has continued to develop policies for the draft plan, and have presented the first group of developed policies to the Parish Council for discussion and feedback.  The Housing Needs Assessment prepared by AECOM has been delivered and its findings reviewed by the Steering Group who have determined a proposed housing requirement for the parish. We have also completed the recruitment and training of the site assessment and land character assessment teams and they are currently undertaking their tasks to produce evidence to be used within the plan.

As part of the landscape character assessment we are also performing a review of areas within the parish that provide significant biodiversity value so that we can shape policies that will provide protection for these. We are currently assessing the following areas – Ropley Ridgeline (the area running from Ropley Soke through Lyeway and Charlwood to Monkwood) and Park Lane Woodlands (the area at the end of Park Lane to the parish boundary with Bishops Sutton). If you feel that there are other areas that offer significant biodiversity value then please let Graham Flatt know (email grahamflatt1@btinternet.com) and we will consider adding them to the assessment schedule. We are also reviewing structures in the parish that may warrant protection through policies. A structure could be a house, farm building, or any other building/structure of historic or architectural significance. Ropley already has two conservation areas as well as 44 listed structures including 4 tombs in the churchyard, but we are interested to hear if you feel that there are other structures that should be protected through Neighbourhood Plan policies. Please contact us at RopleyNP@outlook.com. Finally, during the March public meeting we committed to providing six-monthly updates, so there will be a further public consultation meeting on Wednesday 21st September at 7.30pm in the Sports Pavilion at which we expect to present an update on the policy development and assessment results – please book this date in your diaries. If you would like to understand more about Ropley’s Neighbourhood Plan and get involved to support its development then either

  • come to the open Steering Committee meetings in the small room at the Parish Hall, held on the second Monday of each month at 7.30pm. Meetings will be held on 12th September and 10th October.

 Ropley Neighbourhood Planning Steering Group

Neighbourhood Planning

The future – in your hands!